Full Throttled Events

Here at Full Throttled Events, our mission is to provide automobile dealers with high gross profit and strong unit sale counts through ethical business practices, hard-working teams, strong advertising, a professional atmosphere, and always dedicating one hundred percent to whatever the dealer’s goals are to be achieved. 

With our 90+ years of experience, we have gained knowledge about the market itself and its sales. We have also always led with one core value, which we feel shapes a sustainable and lasting company, a strong relationship with the dealer.

In today’s economic climate, we find there is nothing more important than just that. 

Full Throttle Events

Executive Team

The masterminds behind Full Throttled Events dedicated to helping automotive dealers throughout the states sell more vehicles.

Jeff Adams


Vincent Iacono


Support Team

We are committed and passionate about what we do, in a manner that results in us being able to rise above our competition.

Joann Mascola


Gina Marie

Production Manager


Personal Assistant

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