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Today, your average consumer thinks very carefully about their spending, especially when it comes to important investments such as purchasing a vehicle. Full Throttled automotive staffed events provide auto dealers with much-needed support at their location, whether that’s handling the flow of increased customer traffic, handling inquiries as well as closing deals. During staffed events, our expert team of managers and sales professional will help your business generate more sales.

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Benefits of Staffed Events

At your Staffed Event, we will provide Professional staff in the form of 3 Manages, one specifically to help desk deals and 2 experience floor closers. We also provide highly qualified, experienced and professional salespeople to supplement your existing sales staff to handle the heavy flow of traffic generated by our Mail Campaign.  Your mail Campaign is customized to fit the goals you are trying to achieve at your Dealerships Sales Event.

  • Expertly Trained Staff
  • Premium Direct Mail Invitations
  • Increase in showroom traffic
  • More Higher Quality Leads
  • Increase In Sales
  • Greater ROI

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