Automotive Hosted Events

Some Dealers prefer to do hosted events compared to staffed events. Benefits to a non-staffed event are the dealer has full control their desk/finance will be submitting all deals as we close them. A hosted event consists of Direct mail, 1-2 closers and however many salespeople needed to handle the traffic. The company gets a percentage of the gross we generate during the event.

Automotive Hosted Events

Benefits of Hosted Events

A Hosted Event is the “I Got This Attitude”  You feel everything is in place for a Special Sales Event at your Dealership,.  We will just supply you with the Mail Campaign to target your objective and one Professional Closer to assist your staff with the overflow of traffic that our campaign will generate.

  • Raise Profile Of Dealership
  • Build New Customer Relationships
  • Attract PR attention
  • Generate More Leads
  • Increase In Sales
  • Greater ROI

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